Since 2012 the biennial FULL SPIN Festival has brought local and international physical artists together. Newcomers perform alongside renowned theatre companies, as experimental and networking formats pose current and pressing questions about the relationship between the body and digitality. The sixth edition of FULL SPIN presented live performances in Essen and Münster and, for the first time, on the World Wide Web: Most of the performances were streamed live and made available as video on demand.


“Body-Worlds in Physical Theatre” offered a platform for joint research in cooperation with the Folkwang University of the Arts’ Physical Theatre Department. In physical theatre both artistic outcomes as well as creative production processes take on various forms. The term “devising” refers to the collective-collaborative process of developing new work for the stage independent of dramatic templates. How do the various stations and turning points of devising artists’ biographies influence their artistic work? Through interviews with the festival’s performers and group discussions, nine scholars explored commonalities, differences and possible conclusions.


FULL SPIN 6 is a festival of the Physical Theatre Network in cooperation with

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